Monday, June 19, 2006

Meanwhile, at the Hall of Justice…

Sorry to have been lax on the writing, mes amis, but the glory and wonders that are the Real World temporarily beguiled me. Fret not; however, because while I am not immune to their pleasures, I am being forced away from them in a few days. Bugger!

Hubby and I spent a delightful weekend North of the Border with my family. The merciless teasing began shortly after landing when my Mum and Dad arrived to pick us up and ended only slightly after takeoff on Sunday. The weekend, as you can imagine with me aboard for the ride, revolved around three things: food, shopping and family.

With stops at Canoe (en famille), Babur (where we, always, ordered our favorite non-Indian dinner at this Indian hot spot on Queen Street West), a bar or two, Swiss Chalet, and the ever-popular Chez Mum and Dad’s we spent four days in culinary heaven. Although the venison at Canoe was lovely, and the blood pudding for brekkie was beyond divine, the perfectly prepared BBQ roast beef dinner on Saturday night was the highlight. Starters, which included a homemade roasted garlic and goat cheese dip, got the evening off to early start. By the time we had inhaled the beef, several Yorkshire puddings (I was worried they might have gone to waste if they weren’t immediately consumed), roast potatoes, cauliflower with homemade cheese sauce, several veggies (I even ate a brussel sprout!), and a lovely sauce that was not to be confused with gravy… Well if you’re stuffed reading that list, imagine how I felt after pushing away from the table only to hear Mum ask who wanted dessert. ACK!

Despite what you may hear from Hubby I kept my shopping down to a dull roar. An outing with Mum only resulted in one or two outfits… and whatnot. *grin* It isn’t my fault that shopping is a genetic gift (or disorder as Hubby puts it). For the most part, Hubby and I participated in our fair share of window-shopping. Although I would like to point out that the lack of credit card use was not my choice!

Naturally, the best part of the trip was seeing the ‘Rents, my brother, BBA, and his family (the Saint, BBA Jr. and Angel). Insults, snappy retorts, and sarcastic witticisms were traded with an ease the belied the miles that normally separated the lot of us. Of course, I could hardly be blamed for defending myself with all the powers in my Annoying Little Sister Arsenal ™.

Sadly, all good things must end, so Hubby and I eventually took our leave of Toronto. Being upgraded to first class didn’t make saying goodbye to the family any easier. Well, maybe a little! :) While there may be good reasons that we all live on different continents, they’re still family and that makes most of them ok in my book.

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