Monday, July 31, 2006

Harry Potter

I’m not sure if you realized this or not, but today is Mr. Harry Potter’s birthday. That’s right, the Boy Who Lived was born on this late July day several years ago. It is no small coincidence that today is also Ms. JK Rowling’s birthday; so happy birthday to you too, Jo!

I’m guessing that many of you Devoted Readers know that I’m slightly enamored of the Harry Potter books. After all, I stayed up for the midnight releases of the last two books and have read the entire series more than once. (Which, for true fans, isn’t actually all that much!) I count the fact that the most recent Potter movie was released on the same day in India as the Real World one of the best moments of our time in India. And I include the film release of OOTP (that’s “Order of the Phoenix” for you non-fans) and the rumored simultaneous release of book seven next July, when we will be in the Real World and not in Kenya-traz, to be one of the best things about Home Leave.

In the mean time, while we await these great moments, we have a year to ponder what will happen in the next book (Will Harry die?), and what won’t happen in the next book (Who won’t die?). People from all over the world debate these and other questions at all hours of the day and night.

Which leads us to a question that was recently raised, “What will happen once we know?” What on earth are we going to do with ourselves during all those hours we once devoted to 'shipping Harry and Ginny once we know that lived more or less happily ever after?

Fanfic is always an answer of course. And while I’m no good at writing it I certainly enjoy reading it, which makes fanfic only half an answer for me. I could, of course, get a job or a hobby to replace Harry… But that seems rather drastic to me.

Hubby keeps suggesting that I start writing seriously: like write a book as opposed to this trove of witticisms I call a Blog. I am after all related to a fabulous published author! (Go Mum!) You know, Nairobi Typ0, Published Author doesn’t sound entirely bad (if slightly conceited, perhaps).

So what do you think, Dearest Readers, would you read a book if I wrote it and promised not to mention Becker even once in its pages? What would or should I even write about? Hubby mentioned my longtime desire to write the Great Canadian Novel or, more likely, at least a romance novel.

Maybe someday…
Once upon a time there was a Canuckian girl who met a Yankee boy on the Internet...