Monday, February 26, 2007

Goodbyes and Hellos

Hubby has once again rejoined the world of the Nairobi Damned. He returned from his Indonesian sojourn just in time to escort (read: drive) Gordon Keith and I to Carnivore for a lovely dinner of meat, meat, and then just for good measure, some more meat. Despite previous commentaries here that the food at Carnivore is rather sub par, dinner on Saturday evening was surprisingly tasty. The crocodile didn’t even taste fishy for a change. Bonus! Then, of course, came the next morning when we all realized why no one should eat that much meat in one sitting and we were all feeling somewhat uncomfortable despite the number of Pepto tablets we inhaled with blind hope.

My hope is that GK leaves Kenya with memories to sustain him – good ones that will make him smile wryly and great ones that will make him laugh out loud even years from now. And with any luck, he’ll manage to relegate Sunday morning’s post-meat stomach memories to at least one of those two memory lanes.

I realize that my waking him with terrified screams at three in the morning is probably not on GK’s highlight list, but his willingness to attempt to come to my rescue was, in my opinion, very chivalrous. Taking my four-wheel drive for her first off-roading experience, learning that the National Park is a wee bit of a rip off, using well earned bargaining skills at the Masai Market, and seeing baboons in the wild were just a few of the ways we passed the time waiting for Hubby’s return. Of course, not everything we did was strictly local: we also watched “The Empire Strikes Back” and “Justice League Unlimited” while we drank whatever beverages we could find on hand – you know: beer, cider, whiskey…

It was with more than a little sadness (on both sides I hope) that Hubby and I dropped Gordon Keith off at the airport and bid him adieu. I sincerely hope that GK enjoyed his stay here. As we left him to board his flight, we returned home to prepare for the next wave of guests. I can only hope that they have as good a time here as GK – only with less middle of the night terror-filled screams perhaps.

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Anonymous said...

Guests are great--I hope that you don't scream as loudly for the new set. I wonder what the residents thought about the screaming in the absence of hubby:)
I hope the latest crew of visitors enjoy themselves. I also hope for lots of photos similar to their last lot.
!!Grey Rules!!