Friday, May 11, 2007

Perfecting the Art

As we’ve discussed previously, I am a Class A, award-winning procrastinator. A genetic trait passed on by my mother - whom I know would never deny that she is the High Priestess and Empress of said Art. It is a gift I honed and perfected over the course of my life. Rest assured that I never started any science fair project until the week before it was due. Nor did I start writing any major essay until at least the day before I was set to hand it in.

In fact, if truth were to be known, I usually write these incredibly witty and amazing blogs (Agree with me here, dammit!) the day I post them. Unless, of course, I have a great idea and write a blog only to have something more amusing (like jailbird Pairs Hilton) arise forcing me to delay my initial witticisms for a day or so.

Which brings us, of course, to the why I’m writing this blog now. You see, I am now in charge of the Organization’s newsletter. Said publication, as luck would have it, was due to its editor about three hours ago and is supposed to be delivered to the printer first thing tomorrow.

Instead of working on the newsletter by formatting and writing articles, I have been reading a book (but not the one my book club is going to discuss next week, thank you). I have also spent my time watching television, braiding my hair, taking a nap, and then, when things got so desperate that I thought I would actually have to open my newsletter files, I decided to write this blog.

To prove to you that I am one of the world’s greatest procrastinators, I’m even going to put off properly concluding this blog until…


Anonymous said...

In till or until and, my goodness, was I supposed to finish my evals today?
or small bro his 2 essays?
perhaps I can get an extension (not much chance, which is why I am up so late....)?

Anonymous said...

Power to the Procrastinators!! M