Tuesday, October 14, 2008

The Perfect Cuppa

Last week I went over to one of the local five-star hotels and indulged in a very overpriced mug of hot chocolate that was worth every penny. Heck, even the biscuits that came with it were tasty and I’m not a cookie kind of a girl.

Now I just need to convince Hubby that paying LE50 for a weekly cup of relaxation and yumminess is not a waste of money. After all, his reward is a happy wife so it seems like money well spent to me.

POSTSCRIPT: Check back in tomorrow for some WONDERFUL news! **bounce**


Connie said...

Mmmm! Where'd you go? I used to hit the Semiramis cafe every so often, and it was worth every piaster! But, I do not go downtown much anymore (since quitting work) and so it's not quite worth the drive. But oh so good!

Elizabeth said...

That looks AMAZING! Once a week seems fair to me!
Thanks for visiting my BATW!

Anonymous said...

Looks great! Now you have to learn how to make it...well... perhaps a trip 'out' makes it taste sooo much better!
Awaiting good news>>>

Aurenna said...

I think someone's shipment hath arrived! :D

Connie said...

You have an award, please stop by :-) ... when you have time, if you decide to totally blow me off because your stuff is here.. I'll totally support your decision!!!