Saturday, April 14, 2007

Almost Home

After many hours of debate and even more hours surfing the Internet for good rates, Hubby and I have finally planned our home leave. To some of you, this may sound easy. Well, you’d be wrong.

First there was the simple matter of how to get from Africa to North America while maximizing time, dollars, and potential air miles. (After weeks of back and forthing on this issue, we finally agreed to Emirates.) Then we had a month to fill with days spent with family, friends, more family, and if we’re very lucky, even each other. That required flights from A to C to B back to A then onto F. And if you’re confused reading that, just imagine how the airlines felt when we told them we didn’t want to pay for any of these flights. (Yay airmiles!)

But after spending hours on the phone, and even more online, we finally have 93% of our trip home planned. So watch out kids, Typo and Hubby are coming home!

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Anonymous said...

Awesome...late arrival but lots of rest...or something:)