Saturday, May 19, 2007


It is currently late Saturday evening and I’m rather knackered. It isn’t that I’ve done anything particularly active or even tiring today, but I think that the cider that accompanied dinner this evening has finally caught up with me. I know, I’m a lush, but when you hear about the “everyday” gourmet dinner we created this evening you’ll be jealous that you weren’t here to share it. (And hopefully you’ll forget the whole “Typ0’s a lush” thing.)

After months of being promised ostrich at various restaurants in town, we finally found it at the local butcher shop! So earlier today, Hubby and I purchased 660 grams of lovely lean ostrich steak for the equivalent of $15.00 USD. I realize that sounds like a pretty penny but there was very little fat on these strips of meat and there was honestly enough meat to feed the two of us and, if we had been so inclined, another two or three people to boot.

But I did say that we decided to make this meal a wee bit “everyday.” After looking through cookbooks and checking out online experts regarding cooking methods, we came to the swift agreement that we both felt like having fajitas – ostrich fajitas. After a nice seasoning shower in freshly ground sea salt and rainbow pepper, we marinated the meat in a nice sweet and spicy sauce for about two hours.

To accompany the fajitas, Hubby made homemade Mexican Rice from a recipe he made up as he went along. I must say, that although I’m not usually a huge fan of Mexican Rice, this was even better than any I had ever tasted before in an “authentic” Mexican restaurant. After finishing up the rice, Hubby then moved onto grilling the chapattis, which we used instead of tortillas.

Ostrich meat, in case you were wondering, cooks up incredibly quickly. Even raw, I was able to cut it like butter, which made us doubly careful about not overcooking this incredibly tender meat. I stir fried the ostrich, marinade, and all, in less than seven minutes and was rewarded with perfect medium-rare yumminess. Maybe the next time you visit us in Nairobi, I’ll make you some gourmet fajitas. Maybe!

So yes, I’m rather sleepy at the moment, but I think that creating a gourmet meal that even the most finicky eater would enjoy warrants me a good night’s sleep. I have to go put away the leftovers and climb all the way upstairs to the bedroom. Good night…

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Anonymous said...

When home leave comes, guess what you and the spouse will be cooking...we have ostrich meat here too!