Thursday, September 18, 2008

The Great Debate

Perhaps one of the most important debates to ever be discussed here on “Wandering the World,” today’s topic touches at the heart of literally dozens of people around the world. Friendships have ended over disagreements on this subject and relationships have dissolved. No, I’m not talking about whether you support Obama or McCain, or if you think that Sarah Palin is a raging idiot (or as Hubby thinks, a super hot raging idiot). I’m talking about foosball.

Last Friday, the Pirates, Hubby, and I went over to Maadi to hang out and meet some new friends at a local expat club there. After the yummy BBQ dinner, we headed over to the game room, which boasted a basketball game, Ping-Pong table, air hockey, and the aforementioned foosball table. After being roundly trounced at all of the other games by the 10 and 12 year olds in the room, the four of us decided to square off in a marital game of foosball.

As we positioned ourselves on opposite sides of the table, we all inspected our men and turned the handles in front of us. That’s when Black Beard said the words that always causes dissention before any game of table soccer, “No twirlies!”

Hubby and I looked at him, aghast that he would even think to outlaw such a basic and fundamental part of the game. “Sorry, BB, but twirlies are allowed,” we countered, standing our ground and executing perfect double twirls with our men.

Luckily, Adelpha agreed with us and we were able to continue to play (and eventually lose) without any further discussion. But midway through our game, a friend came up and admired our foo skills and piped in with a firm, “No twirlies!” We glared at her and continued to twirl our men with abandon but at the back of all of our minds remained the question of who was right.

So I put it to you my Devoted Readers to join the debate and weigh in on this important issue. Do you agree that twirlies are as much a part of the game of foosball as beer and lost ping pong balls? Or do you wish to outlaw this tradition and send it to the tombs with other once cherished customs like the touchdown dance and hitting someone in the arm when you see a Punch Buggy?


Anonymous said...

Long Live the Twirlies!!


Anonymous said...

Football is bad enough but foosball too?

Jack said...

twirling is for the same
kind of people that close their eyes when they try to catch a ball.....

Connie said...

uh.. foosball has tradition and rules?? ok, NOT a player, but I'll vote yes for twirlies if they are in the same category as punch buggies.

Lori Radcliffe said...

new to your blog--looks like a move might be in our future and I'm in the gathering up my courage phase--as a mother of 4 seriously intense foosball players (we have a foos table in our living room for cryin' out loud) I have to agree with Jack. If you wanna win, you're not gonna spin.