Saturday, July 08, 2006

World Cup Mania

Yes, my beloved Devoted Readers, it is that time again: World Cup Soccer Time. (I’m not sure how it works in relation to Hammer Time or Emmy Time but it’s up there in coolness at least once every few years.) Even I, who frown upon all sports unless watched under an Olympic flag, have the fever.

As my buddies the Walrus and Carpenter once told me, “The time has come.” No, not to discuss cabbages and kings, but to decide upon something far more important: where are you putting your World Cup Wandering the World Dollars?

Are you rooting “Ole!” all the way to the bank for ITALY?

Or are you sipping wine and nibbling on cheese in support of FRANCE?

State your preference now so that on Monday I can blog who were the smart ones who went with me to ITALY and who were the poor silly naïve children who thought France would pull it off.

1 comment:

paul k said...

I don't think that italy desurv the world cup cause the cheeted to get their and cheeted in the final