Wednesday, May 31, 2006

Slacking is Fun

Don’t even say it. The Slacker Queen has been beyond slacking for the last month and a half after promising and swearing upon several sacred relics (or pieces of melting chocolate) that she wouldn’t do so ever again. All I can say, in my most adorable voice and with the cutest look on my face is, “I’m sorry.”

Good now that we have that out of the way here are a few updates for you my most wonderfully, faithful readers. First off, the movers will be here on Saturday. Yeah, like, the day after, the day after tomorrow, Saturday. Do you think Hubby and I are prepared for their arrival? Well, those of you who know us personally, or at least have come to know us through the Blog can probably guess that the answer is an emphatic no. But c’est la vie. We’ll figure it out and be packed out by the end of the weekend.

Which brings us to the next item on our list: we’ll be home in a week or so. Since y’all in Delhi can’t get rid of us that easily. The Duke has been kind enough to put us up for a week while we prep for that final 6000 hour flight back to the Real World. So for those of you back in Illinois, you had better prepare for the worst because we’ll be back home before you know it. I’m thinking only one word: Guido’s!!

In order to make this blog go full circle, I thought it important to update those poor people in Kenya that we’ll be there by the end of the month! Ye haw! We still don’t have an apartment, or a car, or, it turns out, a microwave but we’ll still be there with bells on.

So get ready world because the team of Typo and Hubby are about escape from Delhi and you had better be prepared!