Sunday, March 04, 2007

Produce in Kenya

Today we have the honour of having Special Guest Blogger Hubby grace us with his wit, wisdom and writing style. Or at least his ability to make pretty tables!

One of the benefits of living in Kenya is the cost of certain items. As you know from past blogs, we love to take advantage of our big kitchen and cook quite frequently. Naturally, this means buying lots of produce to support this habit. To give you an idea of what a representative basket of fruits and vegetables costs us in a given week, see the table below based on this week’s shopping. I should note that we purchase our veggies at the local equivalent of Fresh Fields: a semi-up-market fresh food vendor.

For the benefit of those in the USA, I have converted the weights to pounds and the value into U.S. dollars. Those of you in other countries will have to do the currency conversions yourself (go to the Universal Currency Converter for a quick calculator).

How does this compare with where you live at this time of year? Send us your comments and/or post them online!

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Anonymous said...

I haven't been shopping this week yet but herbs are definitely cheaper with you. I'll check back soon...