Thursday, October 20, 2005

Almost Like Real Adults

Hubby and I now have curtains in our apartment. (Pause for gasps and cheers.) This has been a rather momentous occasion on several fronts. First of all we haven’t had any blinds, curtains or window coverings at all since we moved in over two months ago. Oops! Secondly, it’s the first time we’ve ever had to buy curtains.

Being apartment dwellers, our previous homes always came equipped with ugly plastic blind things for all the windows. We could have bought curtains to cover the ugly blinds but that would have taken way too much effort. (And I think that we all know that Mr. and Mrs. Typ0 are *not8 into effort.) So when we finally plopped ourselves down here in Delhi and realized that our home away from civilization had no curtains we panicked. Quite a bit.

After two months of dithering, Hubby and I set out for GK1 M block two weeks ago. We quickly discovered that the store we had been recommended to was not in M block and not within walking distance. D’oh!

Then last Tuesday we had the driver take us to GK1 N block. FabIndia has not one, not two but FOUR shops located on N block. (One of which was the former home of my good deed outfit from last week’s blog.)

We headed into the storefront closest to the car and had our first, temporary Eureka moment: they had curtains! They had really nice, prefab curtains even. Unfortunately, we have really weirdly shaped windows and needed custom blinds. We bought a few curtains for the bedroom and asked about getting some custom-made; we were told that they didn’t do that. Damn, that means that our friends all lied to us! *sob*

We decided to continue shopping and eventually found the third FabIndia, which was devoted to custom-made blinds. (We love you friends who told us about FI!) ARRGH! They couldn’t have told us about #3 when we were at the last place?! We eventually found this really nice fabric that is either cotton or silk (we thought the former, the latter was written on the bill) and were off to the races.

The guy in charge stopped by the apartment the next day for measurements and to convince us that we didn’t want curtains but rather deeply desired roman blinds. Less than a week after I paid for the material I had them installed!

On the downside the installation guys are so messy it would have taken me forever to clean up. Every workman we’ve ever had in here has been messy. And they *never* clean up after themselves. However, I decided to finally grow a spine and insisted that they clean up before they left. Go me!

The roman blinds look really good and are all fully lined so they hang quite nicely. And as an added bonus nobody can peek in our windows anymore. =)

Here’s the thing though: Since arriving in Delhi we’ve arranged for and purchased custom furniture and blinds. We even have people who rely on us for their own well-being and livelihood. It’s almost like we’re mature adults. Almost, but not quite! =p

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