Thursday, October 13, 2005

The Fun of Not Shopping

As you all know one of my favourite hobbies is shopping. Despite what Hubby may have told you I do not spend all time at the mall. Nor do I “spend the GDP of a small developing nation” on those occasions when the mall and I run into each other. I happen to enjoy the challenge of shopping: finding the perfect top (then the skirt, shoes and accessories to match it) at a good price.

I still remember the day I was introduced to the concept of Internet shopping: specifically shopping. A place to find hard to find books and have them dropped off on my doorstep. What could be better? My favourite use of it was as a book rating system. I would go to the bookstore and call my friend E; I would peruse the shelves in person and she would peruse the reviews online. A perfect symbiosis of technology and manpower if I do say so myself.

India, which we all know means evil-Typ0-hater, makes being literate more difficult. All the bookstores here have books for boring people like Hubby: there is not a single good trashy romance to be found anywhere. I have railed at the Literacy Gods several times about this lack. “Why teach me to read if you were going to remove my access to good literature?” (Please no comments from the Peanut Gallery about my choice of reading material and the word literature. You’re not funny and you’re probably already told it to me in person. It wasn’t funny then and it isn’t funny now.)

Which brings us back to Amazon. Shipping costs are such that Hubby will only let me place an order every two months or so. To my way of thinking that means that I need to find two months worth of books each time I order.

Welcome to my new favourite hobby: window-shopping on Amazon. I spend hours each day reading reviews and looking up authors and DVDs. When I find a really good one (the new Sherrilyn Kenyon or Titanic DVD) I drop it into my “Wish List” for consideration at a later date. Ok, it also gives Hubby a chance to go through and delete choices he thinks are stupid: which is to say 90% of what I put into there.

It makes Hubby happy because I’m not spending money, I’m just day dreaming about spending money. *happy sigh*

I’m not actually shopping: I’m pre-shopping. This Internet gizmo sure is cool!

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