Monday, October 31, 2005

Things I Miss about Home

Driving myself somewhere just ‘cause.

The many flavors of Ben and Jerry’s.

The many, many varieties of fast food available to me at the drop of a craving.

Access to a bookstore that carries books that I might actually want to purchase.

A place to have to go when I wake up each day.

Supermarkets. ‘Nuff said.

The ability (should I choose to exercise it) to walk outside without getting bitten to death by mosquitoes.

A police force that looks like it might do more than take a nap when things happen.

Seeing “Must See TV” without a five-year lag.

A world where Becker has been cancelled and replaced by good fare like Alias and… Hell, anything is better than Becker.

Two words: Mexican food!

A stove and oven so that I can cook actual food for my husband’s dinner. (I cook occasionally thank you very much!)

Being able to order and eat veggies anywhere I go.

Being able to use tap water to brush my teeth.

Earning money that I can call my own.

All of our friends!! (That’s you guys! No! Not you in the green, the rest of them. Sheesh!)

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