Friday, October 14, 2005

Typ0 the Humanitarian

Remember yesterday’s blog where I vehemently denied being a shopaholic? I recounted my love of window-shopping over spending actual money. I won’t recap the whole thing, you can scroll down and read it yourself, if you so choose.

Well, Here’s the problem: whenever Hubby goes out of town I get bored. I like to see real people and maybe accidentally hand over my credit card a few times. Accidentally against my will.

Here’s the scenario: I had to go and pay for the material to make our curtains. After not having any for two months this was an important outlay of cash. Here’s where the accidental stuff started happening.

Next to the curtain shop was a path that lead across the street. That lead to a walk way filled with stores with shiny things in their windows. The walkway eventually lead me to a shop with really cute outfits. Jostled to one side by a passerby I stumbled up the four steps, past the security guard and through the glass doors of this shop. Once there I knew that I had to be polite and look around and what they were selling. It is the polite thing to do, you know!

That’s when I saw this really cute full-length skirt and matching scarf just sitting there on shelves nowhere near each other. The skirt and scarf were family that had been separated by the cruel shopkeeper and wanted to be brought together again. So picking those up was really a humanitarian issue. The UNHCR (or some such group) would have been proud of my selflessness.

I tried on the really cute skirt, which flowed so nicely as I twirled in front of the full-length mirror. That’s when I saw this yellow silk top sitting on a table looking all forlorn and unloved. Somebody had discarded it as if it were less than nothing. *sniff* The fact that the shirt matched the skirt perfectly and actually fit me was merely an added bonus. I just wanted to give the well-priced shirt a good home and a family to love. I wasn’t shopping I was doing good deeds.

You can see how this totally wasn’t my fault, can’t you? Because I may need help defending myself later when Hubby reads this blog or comes home and notices clothes in the wardrobe he doesn’t recognize. So please remember to tell him about the value of a good deed should he ask your opinion about the most effective way to hurt my credit cards with scissors.

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