Thursday, June 22, 2006

Elsewhere at the Legion of Doom...

Our time here in the Real World has, alas, finally expired. Good times were had by all, or at least by Hubby and me! We learned that despite thinking that our Cham-Bana friends had taste, several of them profess to like “Becker,” a sin for which I am still not certain that absolution can be obtained. We also learned that too much of a good thing, like Qdoba for example, can be a bad thing. Ohh my stomach!

On the plus side, those of wonderfully Loyal Readers who are in it for the world travels are about to be happy since our plans will soon take us to our new home in Nairobi, Kenya. That means that I have a whole new country to bitch about… errr… I mean love.

But of course, before we can start our next chapter, we have to finish this one. So, with Justice League DVDs in my suitcase, I leave behind the Superfriends of Illinois to search for new mutant buddies in Africa.

Blog y’all soon!

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