Monday, July 17, 2006

And the Heat Goes On…

As I type this, my taste buds are still attempting to recover from this evening’s See-Through-Time taco dinner. Don’t get me wrong, what I was able to eat of it was tres yummy, but dang did somebody who shall remain nameless (Hubby!) spice that stuff up to nuclear levels. Using local ingredients is all well and good, but next taco night, I’d like to be able to taste something beyond the heat of 9-alarm fire.

Which isn’t to say I didn’t enjoy it, because I did. Heck, with only one exception, we never had good Mexican food in Delhi so this is quite a nice treat. Here were able to buy tortillas, sour cream and even create what may well have been a yummy meat filling. (What little was left my taste buds after dinner couldn’t recall any distinct flavor past ACK SPICY!)

Tomorrow night’s dinner of pasta with fennel and salami will be heavy on the flavor-meter and, in deference to my battered buds, light on the heat factor. And, maybe if I'm feeling generous a good bottle of wine will be opened to mark the occassion... for flavour purposes only to be sure. Slainte!

PS: Can you believe that I’m actually blogging about cooking rather than take out? Me neither!

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