Monday, July 10, 2006

Fun Travel Time

About a month or so ago, I mentioned that we would be having some cool travel blogs upcoming… And then I never told you the details. Those of you not in the know, probably thought that our exotic trips to Middle America and Canada were the special trips I hinted at. Nope not even close!! It’s not even a blog based on Hubby’s current locale of London, England. (Pip pip and all that!) But I doubt he’ll remember his blogging duties after such a short jaunt across the continents.

The truth of the matter is that we’re about to Wander the World again!

I went today to pay for my half of the ticket to our next cool destination: Australia! While Hubby has been to the land of Kangaroos before I haven’t which means that I get a new continent and a new country. Yay! Watch out for the cool travel blogs from down under in early August.

Currently on the list of stops are a wine tour (shocking, huh?), a wicked cool meet up with the gals from, hopefully a tour of the Great Barrier Reef, and time in the Dubai airport duty free on the way home (can you say McDonalds?!), and tonnes more. I wonder if I can adopt a Koala to take home as a snuggle pet while we’re there? Obstinately, this is a business trip for Hubby and he will have to work for part of the time but I intend to keep that silliness to a bare minimum so that the rest of the time we can enjoy ourselves in Cairns, Brisbane and Goldcoast.

For those of you Devoted Readers who know the long, sad tale of Singapore I have news on that front: we’re not going… again. ARRGH! Someday, maybe when I’m 80, I’ll get to see the sunny shores of that paradise known as the anti-Delhi, but not this trip. Come on, how many of us actually thought it would happen? Ok, I may have hoped a little… *shrug* I suppose I shouldn’t complain, at least we’re not flying on Kenyan so I don’t have to go via Oman.

Any suggestions of what we should see or do while we’re there? Hot shopping spots? Good bookstores (I am so low on romances it’s sick!) or yarn shoppes? Tourist meccas we shouldn’t miss out on? Dish the scoop on Oz and help make your future blog reading more fun. (Or something like that.)

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Anonymous said...

You do realise that you HAVE to send me a postcard, don't you? Good, so long as you know! :D