Friday, July 21, 2006


There's a bug in the sink and it's big and scary and probably wants to kill me! I swear on all that is chocolate that I am not exaggerating this all that much: it was huge, evil looking, and scary!

I decided to be a good Typ0, earlier this afternoon and do the dishes before Hubby got home. So I wandered over to the kitchen area (about 4 feet from the living area and 2 feet from the bed), and I picked up the sponge on the side of the sink. That’s when I saw It: the evil, giant bug.

I squeaked my fear quietly, knowing that any sound from me would only bring out the Bug’s friends for a large-scale attack. I immediately threw the sponge into the sink and turned on the water hoping to drown it. (Hot water wasn't working again so I wasn't going to be able to scald it.)

Do you know what happened?!

The damn evil demon could swim! What kind of hellish, spawn of Satan bug can swim? But there he was, valiantly proving that I couldn’t drown his evil, yucky bugish hide. He started wandering all over the sponge trying to avoid the direct stream of the tap.

In an attempt to prove that I am smarter than the average bear, I turned on the water even harder. The gang from Starship Troopers would have been proud: he ended up slipping further into the sink...

Which brings about another problem: he's probably still there. Waiting for me. Hoping to extract his revenge by killing me!

So now I’m sitting on the opposite side the room shooting the sink furtive glances and hoping against hope that the bug stays there. The dirty dishes certainly will.


Anonymous said...

Giant bugs (any photos so we can identify it??) What about the "glass over the bug" method of exiting the offending insect?? Any lists of offending insects for potential visitors--also lists of nasty, offensive biting things like snakes??
No hot water in Nairobi either, same as the last place?
What time zone are you using?

Anonymous said...

Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha?

no wait

that's not right

ah yes now I remember

"Oh Dear you poor thing, blah blah blah"

and again... Ha Ha Ha Ha Ha


There is no smiley for sarcasm, its not right.