Thursday, July 27, 2006

Rant of the Moment

How the heck can it still be July!? I swear to Chocolate that it has been July for the last 9 or 10 weeks at the very least. I am sick of July! I am sick of being stuck here in Prison. And who ever heard of it being cold in July? July is the universally translatable word for summer and warmth. Evidently Kenya didn’t get the memo. All the more reason I want it to be August!

August 1st will mean that Hubby and I will be imminently stepping off Kenyan soil for our jaunt to Australia. Yay! It also means that we can officially start the countdown to the most important day of the year: My Birthday! The dawning of August will, almost as importantly, mean that it is no longer the never ending, tediously long month of July.

Oh, and before i forget; do you know what’s worse than waking up to discover that July isn’t over yet? It’s waking up to discover that it isn’t even Friday yet! *sob* I thought it was Friday today and I’m very pouty about the lack of Friday-ness to this Thursday.

Thursday means that we’re having leftovers for lunch again. Thursday means that we’re not escaping from Kenya-traz for at least another full day. Thursday means… Deep down it means that it isn’t Friday, which means that the weekend is not just around the corner which means that life sucks.

So what was the rant of the moment? That time and life are moving too slowly for me right now. I’m ready for my trip to Australia and, more significantly, I’m just plain sick of July.

Now who’s with me? Are you ready to join me in boycotting the rest of the July?! The remaining days will simply be referred to as Pre-August. And for the what's left of today: it will no longer be yucky, false advertising Thursday, it will hereby known as Pre-Friday!

Let’s hear it for end the July as we know it and mark today, Pre-Friday, as the first official day of Pre-August!

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Anonymous said... prison breaks yet? I thought that was a TV program. Perhaps you could get some ideas from the TV.