Tuesday, September 12, 2006

Wandering Again

As you know, last week marked my much-ignored birthday and tomorrow will be my much to be ignored, fake but totally legal wedding anniversary. To mark the occasion of these events, Hubby has given me the coolest gift: a trip home.

Last week, we went to dinner at a great Italian eatery here in town called Mediteraneo and tomorrow we will be headed for a restaurant neither us has ever tried before: Tamarind. The former dinner is best recalled as the day I got eaten alive by the evil bloodsucking mosquitoes who thought my nicely shaved legs looked yummy. Damn them for having good taste!

But, as usual, I digress. This weekend Hubby presented me with a lovely combo gift: he’s kicking me out Kenya-traz™ for three weeks and I’m flying, in part, First Class! The bad news (for my parents anyways) is that I’m headed to Toronto for that time period to recuperate from my stressful life of doing nothing.

Hubby was kind enough to remember that that this blog is devoted to traveling so I’ll be spending one evening in Amsterdam that I promise to blog all about! For those Devoted Readers who are also key members of the Peanut Gallery no I will not be visiting the Red Light District or any stores selling funny tasting brownies. Best of all this is a new pin in my world map of traveling that Hubby doesn’t have yet. Yay! (Of course, he’s off to Ethiopia in two days and I’ve never been there but I’m ignoring that injustice for the purposes of self-delusion.)

So here’s to fabulous gifts funded with air miles, dropping in on family while bearing gifts, and Wandering the World in general. See y’all in the First Class lounge!


Anonymous said...

OH My GOD!!! Our wedding anniversary is today also!!!!

I have spent most of it doing nothing and Paul even stayed home from work to enjoy our labour filled house!

He made me cheese hearts and diamonds with a little pond of mayonaise :o) It was yummy. I didn't get flights home but I've been assured that he will cook me steak and mash for tea yummy!!

I'm sorry I didn't remember your birthday I will endeavour to do better next year :o)

And what the hell is with the no visits to the two most important places in amsterdam?? I will hope that I have woefully misread your text and that you were being very sarcastic and that I just didn't get it.

Pie xx

Anonymous said...

Chicken Veronique, steak Esterhazy,roast beef and yorkshire pudding????
AND a night in Amsterdam!
Merthyr in Windsor