Friday, March 09, 2007

Mmmm Bop?

You may not know this but I once held a job and worked for a living. Shocking, I know. Believe it or not, I even enjoyed said job… or at least the rocking-ass people I worked with. In fact, it is due to these très cool folks that I actually miss my life at CT&T. Answering phones that had lame people at the other end of the line is a job to which all people should aspire. I, of course, got my cute butt off the phone and became an Intern and later a Manager whom everyone hated. (Folks from CT&T may now post comments about how they didn’t hate me and actually miss me terribly. Please? *cute pathetic sniffing*)

But all that is neither here nor there. This episode of Blog is about my one time AM – D The Man. (I couldn’t think of a better blog-name for you as I typed this up at one in the morning. Sorry.) D is (or at least was) a huge Hanson fan. I never made fun of him for this… much. Even when I hummed Mmmm Bop to myself quietly while I completed paperwork, I secretly denied that I had ever swayed to the Mmmm Bopping beat.

Today; however, D, you have been vindicated. The folks over at Entertainment Weekly’s Popwatch have come to the rescue and declared that not only is Hanson not something to be embarrassed about but that they are (believe it or not) good. The author of the article even went as far as to call the Hanson boys “rocking.”

I have copied the article here for your personal pleasure, D. You have been vindicated. Now we can all Mmmm Bop with pride!

On the Scene: Hanson at NYC's Supper Club
by Mandi Bierly

One of my favorite moments from VH1's I Love the '90s series (which I would link to here if Viacom hadn't made YouTube take down all its clips) was when Scott Ian of Anthrax refused to rip on the brothers Hanson — Isaac, Taylor, and Zac— because they at least played their own instruments. Ten years after "MMMBop," the guys are doing more than that. They are, brace for it, kind of rocking.

At a packed "preview show" for their fourth studio album, The Walk (due May 22 stateside), the brothers took the stage of NYC's Supper Club to deafening screams. Cliché, but true. The feedback that momentarily halted the show later in the hour and 40-minute set was only slightly more painful. (Reading Taylor's lips when he asked "Where the f--- is it?" while everyone searched for the cause, however, was enjoyable.)

Because you know you care: Taylor (pictured,right), in particularly fine hair form, was workin' skinny black jeans and, of course, a scarf (which that boy can pull off). Isaac (left) was dapper in a black dress shirt and pin-striped vest. (Yes, he came into his own.) And "Little Zac" (center) was ultra laid back in a T-shirt — and a warm, constant grin. I think the only time he wasn't smiling was during the encore, Cat Stevens' "Peace Train." Maybe because Taylor rode it a little too long?

The new album? Yes. Let's get to it. Hard to tell which of the tunes were actually new — since some serious fans sang along to everything — but here's what I could decipher: the first single off the indie release will be the mature ballad "Go." And for the first time, Zac sings lead! Here's the video. Have a listen. And admit that the guys know how to write a chorus. And harmonize. And that Taylor's piano sounds pretty. The middle Hanson took back the mic on the love-will-keep-us-together-themed "Georgia", while Isaac did the honors on "Watch Over Me."

Though last night's performance featured several guests (including a recurring children's choir), that song starred the evening's biggest one: Andrew W.K. Yes, that Andrew W.K. Not sure why he was tickling the ivories, but he didn't appear forced. Other memorable new tunes included the Motown-vibed "Been There Before" and the funky "Blue Sky". (We had to wait for the cover of "Feeling Alright" to see Isaac dance like James Brown though).

As for the real oldies but goodies, the crowd went apes--- for "MMMBop" (watch the actual performance here). Taylor let the crowd sing the first half of the song — such a smart boy. (Is it wrong that I'm calling him a boy when he's married with three children?) I was happy to hear the big single from their last album, "Penny & Me", which is seriously a great song. As is "Strong Enough to Break" (the title of the documentary that captured the making of that record and their break from their prior label), and the pop-as-pop-can-be "Lost Without Each Other." That song always makes me dance in the comfort of my home, and apparently my body is conditioned. Three seconds into the tune I realized that I was bouncing, and turned to my +1 Karen and said, "Oh my God, I just did that." She reminded me that I was "among friends" and allowed me to continue.

To recap, in a slightly clearer version: Enjoy Hanson, PopWatchers. You've never needed our permission, but you've got it.


Anonymous said...

hate may be a bit overboard...strong dislike not perhaps, definately strong dislike...still, you grew on some of a mold...well, anyway I didn't know "D" likes Hanson...doesn't surprise me though...they are incredibly annoying... When ya comin back to the states anyway? I still think they wasted you by making you "J"'s glorified secretary.

Anonymous said...

I made fun of D for that also. It was so easy to pick on him about it. Now that D has moved on I haven't found a new favorite to take the spot. Miss you girl!