Monday, March 19, 2007

A Star Trek Moment

I recently wrote here about how ungeeky I was. Or how I was trying to be, at the very least, less geeky in my old age. This trip, I’m afraid, has effectively and permanently stamped “Geek” in my Passport of Life™. Oh and in case I forget to mention it: it’s all Star Trek’s fault.

As you know, I like Star Trek – I have favourite and most-hated episodes for all of its incarnations. (Except Enterprise because Scott Bakula is always going to be that guy from Quantum Leap – not a Star Trek captain.) Were I pressed to be honest, I might even own up to dragging Hubby to the Star Trek Experience in Vegas a few years ago. (Photos of me and a Borg will not be posted here lest any of you decide to use them against me at some point in the future.)

My trip to Ethiopia; however, may be the official tipping point in favour of geekdom. The worst part and final nail in my geeky coffin: I bragged about it to virtually everyone we met.

Upon in arriving in Addis I officially became a Ferengi!!!

Foreigners here are known not as gora or mzungu but as ferenji. How freaking cool is that?!

How freaking geeky am I to know and be proud of that fact? Oh well. I have shopping to do… Long live the Rules of Acquisition!

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