Thursday, March 01, 2007

You Can Quote Me On That

Here are some wonderfully random quotes from the last week…

Dobhi Wallah: E! is like Teletubbies for adults!

This quote was further supported the next morning when DW was caught flipping channels between Teletubbies on BBC Prime and random program about Oscar fashion on E!. I’m still not quite sure which one she enjoyed more.

Typ0 shortly after looking in the mirror and screaming: I have a grey hair!!

For the record, it was long and not exactly thin or otherwise unhealthy looking. After hearing me whine about said hair for several minutes to anyone who would listen (including a long distance phone call to my unsympathetic parents) DW yanked the hair out and handed to me. “See,” she said, “no more grey hair!” I held on to the hair for the rest of evening and showed it to Hubby, his out-of-town colleagues, and the waiter at Mercury Lounge. I still have yet to find a single a person who has any sincere sympathy for my plight.


Dobhi Wallah to Hubby: So Typ0 tells me that you count cows for a living.

Let me say for the record that I’m pretty sure that I have never explained Hubby’s job to anyone in this fashion. That said; it did become a running joke for the rest of that incredibly intoxicated evening.

Dobhi Wallah to Hubby’s South African Colleagues: So do you count cows too?
South African Colleague: No, we’re not New Zealanders.

Note to all Kiwis: before you flame me please understand that I am only reporting what was said. I in no way endorse said opinion even though I did double over with laughter when he said it.

Dobhi Wallah and her friend return next week, so I am quite certain that there are more witty and quotable quotes yet to come. So stay tuned!

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Anonymous said...

Cows are cute but sheep are cuter...especially the large black one we keep in the house.