Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Only a True Friend

Hubby and I often watch the news to pass the time between shows or when the show we’re watching goes to ads. Hey, a modern girl should be up to date on current events, you know. Although I enjoy watching BBC, Hubby much prefers watching CNN in the evenings. You may be wondering why he insists on narrowing his world view in this way. I have one name for you: Fionnuala Sweeney.

The one time RTE reporter is a regular anchor on CNN’s World News Europe, which we in Nairobi get to see about twice a night (Gotta love the news cycle’s cyclical news programs which give us the same program and same news at regular intervals unless something important happens. Then we get to see it about thirty minutes later). The first time Hubby saw Ms. Sweeney, he was quite smitten and called me over to witness her amazing anchor skills. Mostly he thought that she was hot.

But that, I’m afraid for her, has changed. From what we’ve been able to determine, she’s pissed off someone in the hair and make-up department at CNN. More than that, she appears to have no friends who are willing to talk to her in an honest and forthright manner. (Please note that the photo on the right does not fully convey how henious she now looks.)

You see, about a year or so ago she dyed her hair dark and then had it cut in a really unflattering style. To add insult to injury, her wardrobe person is also upset at her and she’s always dressed as if she were at library matron in the 80s. It’s sad and horrible and we here in the Typ0/Hubby household feel really bad for her.

So, Ms Sweeney, if you’re out there reading this, we are more than fans -- we want to be your friends and then we want to take you to Jonathan Antin for a new haircut (replete with his patented “Dirt” product) followed by several hours of shopping for flattering clothes. We’re not saying this to be mean, because honestly, watching your hairdo from hell is starting to become painful. Other than those superficial issues… Keep up the good work!

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