Sunday, May 27, 2007

Better Than the Real Thing

Long time Devoted Readers and our friends back in Delhi will likely remember that one of the things that Hubby and I loved most about our lives in New Delhi was Sunday Brunch. I’m sure that brunch as an institution was invented centuries ago, but rest assured that it took India to perfect it. In Delhi, the main theme of Sunday brunch in any good hotel was simple: all you can eat food plus all you can drink wine, martinis, or champagne.

Our favorite, as many of you have heard us talk about repeatedly, was at the Metropolitan Nikko where we could enjoy “all you can eat” sushi accompanied by “all you can drink” champagne all for the very reasonable price of 1500 rupees. A typical Nikko-themed Sunday included showing up to meet our friends for brunch around 12:30, consuming numerous bottles of champagne, leaving around 3:00 p.m. so that we could go home to pass out for the remainder of the evening. A perfect day by anyone’s standards.

Nairobi, on the other hand, has been depressingly devoid of alcoholic happiness on Sunday mornings. Until today… Last night Hubby had the inspired idea that we should bring back the joys of Delhi – only at home.

With that in mind, Hubby made pancakes while I grilled some blood pudding (which he wouldn’t eat). The highlight of his idea was the bottle of champers that I had purchased several weeks earlier on a whim. Initially, Hubby suggested making mimosas with some of the Ceres juice he had purchased the previous day. Don’t get me wrong, his well-meaning idea was sweet but I think that we all know that I didn’t bother diluting my perfectly chilled glasses of champagne.

While we didn’t have quite enough bubbly to perfectly recreate those lovely drunken days back in Delhi, we did our best. Cheers, folks!

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