Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Mac Help Needed

OK guys, I’m in the midst of a dilemma that only people with more computer knowledge than I have can solve. Specifically, I’m hoping that some of you have some Apple Mac knowledge that you’d be willing to share with your favorite blogging Canuck. Oh yeah, the problem…

To start at the beginning of the mess, I need to start back in Delhi where I was the chairperson for the Association’s newsletter. Many of you, I’m sure, are familiar with the story of how I was thrown into the deep end of that fiasco feet first. Luckily, the Association had an office complete with all the gizmos and programs a girl on a newsletter mission could ever want. It was there that I first discovered the wonders of MS Publisher. As a Mac girl, I had more than a few doubts about this so-called “intuitive” program that I “should be able to teach myself” in a matter of hours.

I’m willing (occasionally) to admit when I’m wrong, and this was one of those times. I really liked Publisher and looked forward to taking the articles I had formatted on my Mac into the office to drop into Publisher. Sadly, I knew there was no Publisher for Mac but thanks to the lovely key to the office I was given, that was never a problem.

But that was then. And this, my friends, is Nairobi.

The Association’s local branch doesn’t have an office, which means that the newsletter I was totally bamboozled into chairing has to be done at home. (Please note that although I was bamboozled and have severe doubts about the Organization’s new leadership, I enjoy having something to do, especially something this creative.)

Remember that newsletter program I loved? And remember how it doesn’t come in Mac-friendly flavors? Ack! So here’s my conundrum Devoted Readers – I desperately need a newsletter program that is as easy to use and intuitive as Publisher which came complete with lots of templates, clip art, and was un-mess-up-able no matter how much I moved, shifted, or resized things.

I looked online and found reviews for everything from Page Maker and Creative Suite to Quark XPress and even something that Adobe put out that may or may not work. But I’m still not sure which one is most like Publisher. Heck after reading pages and pages of user reviews, I’m not even sure which one, Publisher-esque or not, will work best for my needs. I suppose I could try to use Publisher for the PC now that Macs use Intel chips – anyone have any experience with this??

Any suggestions Mac users in Internet land? I’m a newsletter editor without software! Help!


Anonymous said...

My poor poor typo!! I, the nefarious MS user can't help you in the least. But i promise i won't laugh at you too hard....sucker!! Love, M

Anonymous said...

No help from the PC person here either. Perhaps a Mac workshop when you are home? :(
Is the present newsletter a washout?

Anonymous said...

I'd have recommended a Mac alternative but since you're so enamored with MS Publisher, here's how to run it on your Mac... Yes, Macs do windows now but the process is, um, a little complicated. You have to restart and boot into windows each time you want to use a windows app.

A much easier alternative is to use Parallels Desktop, which runs windows right within the mac. So you need to do three things.

1. Get Parallels desktop for Mac

2. Install MS Publisher on windows.

3. Type away!

Anonymous said...

Of course, the best option remains using a Mac app designed specifically for this. Quark Exp and Pagemaker are huge apps for professional publishers. You need something lightweight and easy like... Swift Publisher. It comes very well recommended.

Do let us know in a subsequent blog or in comments here about your decision.

MsTypo said...

Not Who I think, i just want to say THANK YOU!! I checked out the links you provided and think that Swift Publisher will be totally perfect for me. Plus Hubby will be pleased since its tres affordable!

I'm certainly not sure who you are, but you rule! Thank you for helping solve my conumdrum. I'll post again this summer after i make my final purchase.

Thank you :)

Anonymous said...


You're most welcome!

If you ever have a Mac question again (or PC question for that matter) just email it to me for an instant response. reallynotwhoyouthink@gmail.com

Love the blog!