Wednesday, May 02, 2007

The Skinny Blog

I’ve made a commitment to myself and to Hubby. Well I made it last night after two bottles of cider and while half asleep, but I’m pretty sure that it’s still valid in the harsh light of day. I have once again gone on a diet. Shocking, huh?

Ok, so it’s like my hundredth this year and zillionth this lifetime but it is my first so far this month! (Hey, a girl’s gotta grab victory from whatever source she can!)

The reason behind today’s promise is that I’m going home in a month. All the expats reading this are nodding their heads in understanding. For the rest of you, allow me to clue you into the two things that all expats look forward to during their brief excursions into the Real World: shopping and food. The first will kill my bank account and send my credit cards into flames, and the second will kill what little is left of my waistline and send me into tears when I get back and see the nasty red numbers on the horrible digital scale.

A smarter woman than I would have realized she was heading home months ago. But I’ve never claimed to be very bright, which is probably why the truth only hit me last night after eating a very yummy brownie. This means that I have one month to lose the equivalent of one and half Olsen Twins. Does anyone else get the feeling I may have gone into this plan a wee bit too late?

In an effort to not break my new diet before it was a day old, I went to the gym today. (Oh yeah, I have one in the apartment complex that I never use despite having nothing to do all day and it being less than 100 feet away, though note that some of those feet are up four flights of stairs.) Shortly after my thirty-minute workout, I consumed a brownie. I think I should probably throw those out before they become too much of a temptation. Although, for the record, I did work off at least half the calories from that treat downstairs on the treadmill! (Grasping at straws is fun!)

As you can see, day one of the new regime hasn’t exactly gone off without a few hitches. But if I can continue to not be lazy and workout at least a few times a week, eliminate all forms of alcohol and non-diet soda from my vocabulary, avoid all foods that I think are tasty and stick to the boring ones that Hubby prefers, and finally, manage not to go insane due to a complete lack of carbs, sugar, and all forms of yummy food, then I might actually manage to lose at least a pound before I go home in a month.

(To hope for more than that is just asking to be disappointed.)


Anonymous said...

Carpe Brownie!!

Anonymous said...

Throw out the brownies and the cider and get started.
How can you eat when you are home if there is no room?