Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Cute Shoes

I was going to blog about my brother, BBS, and his tough life: “I was at work last night in Paris, on the Champs d'Elysée for a cocktail party.” Then I was going to blog about how I don’t really want to go home because I’m a sap who is going to miss her sweetie… Oh, and I’ll miss Hubby too.

So instead of writing, I started chatting with ‘Ren online. (Yeah, her again.) After chatting about our usual witty nonsense, I asked her if bringing three pairs of shoes home with me was going over board. ‘Ren was surprised that I wasn’t going to bring more shoes and asked me about the shoes I packed. When I mentioned my cute Docs, she insisted that Doc Martins didn’t come in cute varieties.

And that’s when I found my next pair of shoes.
*cue heavenly music* Aren’t they gorgeous?! Plus they come in a really pretty shade of brown. *happy girly sigh* Of course I have no idea how much they cost. Nor do I know if they even sell them in the States but… I want them!!! *sob*

One Hour Later
: I found another pair of shoes. The second pair is also cute and slightly more formal. Maybe I can buy both pairs!!!

What do you think? Are these the cutest shoes ever to bear the Doc Martin brand? Or is it just me?

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