Wednesday, June 06, 2007

I Hate Plumbers

I cannot explain just how much the title of today’s entry accurately reflects my feelings right now. In fact, hate may be too mild a word: loathe and despise might be slightly more accurate. In case you haven’t already guessed, I had plumbers in the house today. That’s what they called themselves in any case.

*deep breath*

I wrote a blog explaining why I hate plumbers but at about page four of the diatribe I realized that I was being a tad verbose. Thus I have elected to regale you all with my tale of plumbing woe when I am less irate and can squeeze it into a few witty comments. Or at least when my anger can be condensed into slightly less than four pages of Times New Roman eight-point font.

Now then, since I believe that everyone should leave my blogging home with a free gift with(out) purchase I give you: The Helicopter Game. ‘Ren introduced to me to this addictive game and she learned about it over at our mutual home, ecfans. Play once and you’ll be stuck in front of your computer for hours.

You’re welcome.

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You're welcome!