Monday, June 04, 2007

‘Tater Cool

I’m not normally one to post news from TMZ but this was too awesome not to share. The new “Transformers” movie looks beyond lame but this is one promotional tie-in that I may actually buy.

Mr. Potato Head on his own – not so much.

Mr. Potato Head dressed up as Optimus Prime – I am so there!

More Than Meets the Fries

Regardless of how well the upcoming "Transformers" movie does -- the real news is Optimash Prime -- and Mr. Potato Head.

The folks over at Hasbro have transformed Mr. Potato Head into the ultimate robot leader. The Optimash Prime action figure, like all of his Potato Head brethren, comes with mix-and-match pieces -- even a sweet Magnum P.I. moustache! Nothing strikes fear into the electronic soul of a Decepticon like a bad moustache!

Now all we need is a Megatater Decepticon for ultimate spud-on-spud warfare.

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Anonymous said...

Transformers the movie
looks fucking awesome!!! What are you going on about. I'm sure in all reality, if anything like the dire tripe that spider man 3,2, & 1 is, then it may suck. But the promo for it makes it look fantastical.

You over romanced weirdo.