Saturday, September 15, 2007

Happiness Is…

I can now officially say that I have the best husband in the world. A title he will retain until the next time he annoys me which will likely be later today. But until then, he’s my favourite husband of all my husbands!

Many of you may have heard me wax poetic about the trip Hubby and I took to Namibia about six years ago. More specifically, you probably heard me drool over descriptions of “the soup” we had at the Hotel Heinitzberg in Windhoek. (Oh my god, but that soup was beyond amazing!)

Well, Hubby found out recently that he has to go to Namibia for a quick business trip. While the trip was supposed to be quick, it was also scheduled to begin on a federal holiday here. It isn’t bad enough that his job takes away our weekends, now its confiscating our Kenyan holidays?!

That’s when Hubby decided that he wanted to be the best husband in the entire world.

Yesterday, he called me to ask if I wanted to go to Namibia with him. I pointed out that while that was a lovely idea, we couldn’t exactly afford it. (At least not if I didn’t want to hear him bitch about it later when we planned our Christmas holidays.) “Well, what if I could get you half way there for only $65?” he asked. I was positive I was being mocked but agreed that would a good deal.

“Then it’s a done deal!” he exclaimed while I squealed with joy.

It turns out that he used my airmiles to buy me a ticket to Johannesburg (where we will have dinner but not stay overnight), and we will then pay for my ticket onward to Namibia. While we won’t be able to stay at the Heinitzberg, we will have dinner there one night. (Soup!!) Best of all, Hubby has agreed to move the Kenyan holiday to Friday so that we will have a long weekend all to ourselves for driving around Namibia.

So look forward to tales about (if not from) Namibia in mid-October. Because I have the best husband ever! (Until he annoys me later today and makes me forget all the good stuff.)

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Anonymous said...

If I remember correctly (old age not withstanding) you actually drove a car in Namibia with standard gears--poor car--that eventually convinced you to get Trinity.
Enjoy the trip!