Saturday, September 29, 2007

Happy Blog-Day

Today marks an auspicious occasion here at Wandering the World. It was two years ago today when I first created and started writing this blog. Since that initial day, I haven’t always written every day – or even every month – but I have tried to write faithfully about the goings on in my life and the lives of those around me. Through my writings, I have tried to take you with me to India, Mauritius, Dubai, Ethiopia, Kenya, the Netherlands, Australia, the Seychelles, and even mundane places like Canada and the US.

I hope you’ve enjoyed reading these tales as much as I have enjoyed writing them. The entry you are reading is the 316th of what I hope will be many, many more. So please keep reading, and I promise to keep writing – not always daily, or even monthly, but always with honesty, and, I hope, a touch of humor about topics that interest all of us. Or, when that fails, at least me!

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Anonymous said...

Keep Blogging--you know I enjoy it!
I dropped in for blue wool yesterday and everyone says 'hi'!