Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Kitchen Corner

I believe that I have previously admitted to having an obsession with buying cookbooks. I have books by Food Network stars like Jamie, Mario, and Alton. I also have regional selections that cover various parts of Asia, Africa, Europe, and North and South America. I even have diet cookbooks covering low carb, no carb, and Weight Watchers.

Hubby thinks that my cookbooks are an expensive and silly obsession/collection since we don’t use all the books. He, of course, ignores the fact that we pore through many of the books on a regular basis looking for a new recipe or idea to add to that week’s menu. Which brings us to my new dilemma.

Despite owning well over 70 cookbook, only a fraction of which I’ve pictured here, I want more!! I need new ideas and new recipes! I want new things for dinner with new and exotic flavours to explore. And, before you go there, the Internet is not the answer. Although we have found some great net-cipes in the past, I find that they often go astray and are hard to keep track of – this despite having a lovely binder complete with plastic sleeves to keep them tidy and clean. I prefer to have a nice clean book to sully and spill ingredients upon. I’m weird that way.

I haven’t broken the news to Hubby yet, but I will be placing an order on Amazon.uk for some new books soon. Do you have any good cookbook recommendations? Or even a recommendation of a good must-read book? I’m open to suggestions and my new bookshelves need to be filled!

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Anonymous said...

Having rather alot of green tomatoes to deal with, do you have any recipes for green tomato chutney, relish or chili?