Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Our Newest Superhero

After positive news on last Friday, Saturday’s media reports were… less uplifting. Just bout everyone involved in the non-announcement managed to get into the news by saying that they would never compromise, share, or play well with anyone from the opposing party.

Not everyone joined in the bad news brigade. Poor Kofi Annan. The boy showed up in Kenya and was told that he was either the savior of Eastern Africa or flat out not wanted depending upon the day of the week and the person addressing him. A month later he’s still here playing referee and trying to keep everyone in line – a job that would try the patience an army of saints let alone one former UN Secretary General.

The first announcement on Monday was that Kofi was taking the “interested parties” out of Nairobi and that the press was NOT invited to the party. To ensure that they weren’t interrupted by pesky reporters looking for quotes that would stymie the process yet again, Kofi and the boys left town and didn’t leave a forwarding address.

You go, Kofi! You ‘da man!

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