Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Movers – Day 1

Our first set of movers is due to arrive any minute now, so I suppose that our move to Cairo is now officially real. Hubby’s new employers are kindly providing us with a furnished apartment – so naturally we’re over-packing and bringing every single solitary thing we own.

The airfreight guys are bringing everything Hubby needs for his new job – which amounts to almost 500 pounds worth of books (weight not cost – the latter would be way more than that). In addition to his books, we are also sending along sheets for the bed, my DVDs, and all of our clothes. Other than the two weeks worth that we’ve already put into suitcases, clothes ranging from underwear and socks to sports jerseys and suits will be flying to Egypt and are scheduled to arrive (hopefully) around the same time we do.

Tomorrow marks the real proof of how much we’re over packing to live in a fully furnished apartment. The sea freight folks will arrive tomorrow morning to pack up my books, our artwork, and most importantly all of the furniture we were unwilling to sell for sentimental reasons. Many expats have homes back in the States, the UK, or some such location where they can store these things. Us? Not so much. We’re vagabonds who settle down and call our hotel rooms home until the next posting arrives. And for that reason, we’re totally bringing way, way, way too much stuff to Cairo.

Since everything is disappearing on Thursday including the chair I am sitting on, I likely won’t be blogging again in the next few days. When next you see me, I will be completing our Kenyan circle of life by living back on campus, or as we like to call it: Kenya-traz™. So stay tuned for lots of stories about how stressed out I became during the move and for some really cool news about my future Wanderings.

PS: Today’s blog has been adorned with photos of junk sitting in formerly tidy rooms – this is our idea of planning two moves ahead of time. The things that are going by air are sitting in two areas so that we can keep the movers from wandering all over our home. My precious sitting room is where we have been (literally) throwing items scheduled for sea freight. Even the bookshelves have been filled to capacity with books sitting two and three deep while they await packing.


Lynda said...

Good luck with the packing - so fun *NOT!!!*

Let me know if you need any questions answered or where to source stuff.. I have most stuff covered now.

See you after the summer

Unknown said...

TypO - You will have WAY too much stuff, but find it is not necessarily the RIGHT stuff. It will be hectic and nerve rattling, but the move will go ok. Cairo is crazy and odd, but there are lots of us that have done the move and will support, sympathize, commiserate, etc. Looking forward to meeting you some time.

Aurenna said...

I heart the bookcase in your second picture, there. Can I have it?

Anonymous said...

By the time you read this, all the mess will be gone!
Think of that--and I suppose prepare for your next few steps in life :)