Thursday, August 07, 2008

North American Odysseys and other Oddities

I thought I would kick off the great Home Leave Recap of 2008 with news about the wonderful people who live forever in shame because we share DNA – my family! We spent our first two weeks back in the Real World™ with my parents in Toronto where I was forced to do all the painting on the newly renovated basement. While cheers of “No more red shag carpeting!” could be heard from one end of the city to the other, my father’s impressive vocabulary could also be heard by those who asked about the workmen who dry walled the once large room.

By the time I left, the walls had been painted, the new white carpeting had been installed, and the new leather furniture had been delivered at 8:45 a.m. on Sunday – aka 24 hours before we left for the States. The room looks fantastic and is highlighted by the world’s largest flat-screen TV, which will someday find a home on a wall once everyone can agree where it should go. (I like it on the table right where it is, thank you.)

Keeping the news in the family, I met my newest nephew, Clan, who was born last October. This brings BBA’s total to three cute kids (after my nephew Mile and my niece Yemil). Mile is a particularly good kid whose obsessions include his Nintendo DS (a next Gameboy-like device that everyone we met seemed to own) and “versing” people. For all that I enjoy tormenting the kid by correcting his grammar and being a general Pain in the Aunt, I really hope that BBA will agree to send him to Egypt to us for a short trip sometime. If he’s really good, I may even decide not to abandon him in the desert.

When I wasn’t drinking, eating Harvey’s, or playing my mother’s electronic Soduku game (so much fun that I actually bought my own), I kept busy shopping. Since I only basically shop once a year, I usually go a little crazy in the stores, which is why Hubby *always* goes with me. He claims it’s to be supportive and help me pick out clothes but really he’s afraid that I’ll spend more than $2.50 on any one item of clothing. (Hubby Edit: That’s harsh. I usually let her spend at least $5.50.)

The other big news out of Toronto is that we’re thinking of buying a condo. We’re thinking of buying a condo that we will never live in and whose rent will not cover all of our expenses. Ok, put like that, it doesn’t seem like a great idea but it is an amazing two-floor loft/condo in a really nice part of downtown. The condo is incredibly nice – if tiny – and our biggest issue in making the final decision is whether or not we want to sink our non-existent savings into a place that we can’t live in and won’t be ready (knock on wood) until 2011. What do you think? Should we make the move into becoming real-live adults who own things larger than an i-pod? Or should we continue our portable existence and keep our Peter Pan status intact?


Aurenna said...

No buy. Peter Pan it. (seriously. Buying somewhere you can't live and doesn't pay for itself if gay.)

Anonymous said...

And YOU renovated the basement all on your ownyoh? Sure... And chickens fly? Well maybe only Clara can fly which may mean you did "some" of it? :)
THE (Our) TV will probably remain for awhile on table. (yah!) Maybe even until the fireplace gets done...or something.
Week away always makes the house look better!
Merthyrmum (once more in residence)