Sunday, September 14, 2008


Do you remember this picture?

What about this one?

These digital photographs are currently all I have left of the two shipments we said goodbye to in Nairobi last June. About three weeks ago, we were informed that both shipments had allegedly arrived safe and sound in Egypt. Since then, we have waited, started at our blank white walls and then waited some more.

It is commonly believed amongst those in our circle that our shipments were stolen by pirates off the coast of Somalia. Scoff if you must, but people whose shipments had to fly halfway around the world already have their things whilst our home still boasts sad, bare walls and a distinct lack of kitchen gadgets.

I promise to update you if our things ever arrive. In the meantime, I am sitting curled up in a ball, rocking back and forth, and wondering how long Hubby is going to hold out for our clippers to get here before he breaks down and gets a professional haircut.

Which brings us to my pathetic moment of the day: I WANT MY STUFF!!!


Lynda said...

If it makes you feel any better... our shipment from Australia to Egypt also 'went missing' - apparently taking an extended vacation in both Malaysia and Italy (found that one a little hard to believe) on the way. We did get it all in the end - and I have since had this same conversation about 9 times... everybody seems to get their 'stuff' in the end... but I remember how the 'waiting' felt.

Connie said...

I believe that the moving gods realized that if we were not granted some major move-in miracle, to make amends for our hellish pack-out and departure, we'd never move again - so in order to guarantee future sport, our stuff arrived fast. We left mid-October, everything, inc. car was delivered mid-November-ish.

There seems to be no medium. Either your stuff gets here quick, or it doesn't. I hope yours gets here SOON!

Greetekees said...

One time we had to pay our own relocation...!
Marito decided to get a job with a different company in a country elsewhere. Even after having completed his two year contract, his employer refused to pay. And said that only with continuing within the same company elsewhere, the relocation would be covered...Thank God we had rented a furnished apartment. Yep, one of those hidden paragraphs in the contract.

Anonymous said...

Wow that is so frustrating. I have heard that it is common to have to pay bribes to get shipments out of Brazil but when your stuff is stolen by pirates... wow...

One of the many things that non expats just don't think of!

Anonymous said...

Ah dear. Did you have insurance on both of the shipments?

Unknown said...

I said before, and I will reiterate LOUDLY - CALL THE OFFICE EVERY DAY at least once or twice. In Egypt, the only people who get by are the VOCAL ones.

:) Just some friendly prodding.

junglemama said...

What a bummer! I'd want my stuff too.