Friday, October 03, 2008

Meet the Family

When we lived in India, we had a gecko we named Barry Junior due to his rather massive neck. Here in Cairo, we have we have two geckos, so far. The baby of the family, Echo, frequently has us jumping in fright thinking a large insect is crawling around our flat. Then there is the recently spotted Sonic Boom, who enjoys hovering directly above my chair, staring, and occasionally flexing his sticky feet. The latter causes everyone wonder exactly how loudly I can scream in the event he falls (jumps) on me.

Random: Why is it that geckos seem to like reality television so much? I took this photo while Echo and I watched the premiere of Survivor – Gabon together. Back in Delhi, Barry Junior would always pop out of hiding spot behind the painting whenever American Idol was on. Weird…


Connie said...

We don't get geckos in the house. Good thing, because we have cats and they would eventually become half-geckos.

Anonymous said...

Well, I'm not sure what is better--geckos or cats--well neither really!