Tuesday, October 25, 2005

Battle of the Blog

I woke up rather early this morning due to the evilly itchy swarm of mosquito bites on my feet and ankles. I plodded downstairs to sit in the living room with Hubby and watch Monday Night Football on ESPN. He sipped his Tim Horton’s coffee and I nursed my Tim Horton’s hot chocolate. If the ads on TV hadn’t been in Hindi (and the fact that it was Tuesday) we could have been in any city in the US. That’s when it happened.

Hubby was reading his email and noted that our friend C from Illinois had written. I happen to love C and was eager to hear what he had to say. Turns out that our *former* friend thought that I had competition in the India blog department. To that end he provided a link to a Washington Post journalist’s diary about her current trip to India.

I’ve read the blog: it sucks. I encourage you to read this woman’s insanity and come to the same conclusion as I did. Or you can just trust my opinion and decide that she’s a raving lunatic because I said so. I personally recommend the latter option.

This woman’s insanity began with her very first entry, which mentioned that there are no microwaves to be had here and that you can’t get Pringles in any of the shops. An odd assertion since Hubby’s tube of regular flavor Pringles are sitting atop our microwave.

In another entry she observes how expensive Delhi is. Is she in Delhi, Ontario? She recounts an experience buying a shirt in a Delhi mall for $30. Why the devil is she paying that much when she could go down to Connaught Place and get the exact same shirt for under $10. Assuming she can bargain even slightly she should pay half that.

Loco Lady also discusses how she felt bad for the beggars and gave them money and food. She gave a cookie and fifty cents to the people at one traffic light. If I gave even that little to every beggar who scraped at my window as I drove each day I would easily spend over $100 each month. Easily.

She wrote about the demise of people getting together at a person’s house for drinks before going out. To this assertion I can only apologize to the people at the Duke’s house who got together for one (or four) drinks on Saturday night before the football party.

Also mentioned was how she paid an incredibly high cover charge to drink imported beer at a local club. First off there are so very many bars and clubs in Delhi that don’t charge a cover that to pay one is fairly ridiculous. Then we have paying $7 to drink Corona. Why would anybody drink Corona? That’s really the biggest issue at stake. Not to mention that my frou-frou drinks don’t cost anywhere near that and they taste good - unlike the Corona.

After evaluating Crazy Lady’s blog I have been forced to forgive C in Illinois. He obviously thought that her ramblings were comedy and was merely encouraging me to add more humor to my own daily thoughts. I'll work on it just for you, C. =)

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