Sunday, October 02, 2005

Half Past the Hour in Newfoundland

Growing up in Canada whenever announcers on TV would give the times for upcoming programs they would always tack on, "And at half past the hour in Newfoundland." For those of you who don't know Newfoundland has its own time zone that Canuckians call Newfie time. The weird thing about the time zone is that it’s only a half hour off of Atlantic Time. I always assumed that Newfoundland was the only place weird enough to do that. I was wrong.

India has its own half hour time zone for the entire country. I'm probably wrong, but i seem to remember Hubby explaining that, quite literally, they just wanted to be different. I understand wanting to be different from the norm, after all I have been told that I'm quite different from normal people. I think that it was meant as a compliment... I think...

I never realized it prior to arriving in Delhi but I am someone who lives by their watch. I keep schedules, make plans, and show up early.. the whole kit and caboodle. Nothing in India is *ever* on time. It drives me nutty!!! ARRGH! Oh, so you think that I'm just being mean?! Bah! If its proof you want, its examples you'll get!

Shortly after our arrival in August Hubby and I purchased some furniture that needed to be delivered to the house. The furniture was supposed to be delivered to our empty apartment that Friday at noon. I naturally showed up a wee bit early just in case. Any guesses as to the time they showed up? 11 PM!!! ARRRGH!

Isolated incident you say?! Bah! This happens every time we want something done. Internet took three weeks to get even a call back and then an entire day and three teams of people to get installed. A plumber to fix the leak in our bathroom took two days to get looked at, then a week for somebody to show up to fix it! Our crate of things was "two weeks away" since mid-August. Getting the cable guy to install my TV took two weeks; and never showed up at the appointed times he told me he would.

Things that are on time: pizza delivery guy, Indian food delivery guy.. umm... Ok yeah that's about it.

Welcome to the new Newfie time.

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