Tuesday, October 04, 2005

Unpacking Elves Apply Within

Anybody who knows me (and since you’re reading this blog I’m assuming you’ve at least heard of me) knows that I’m not one for unpacking. I’ve been known to leave things in suitcases for a week after returning from a trip. I normally wait until Hubby gets frustrated enough at me to either yell at me or, in a more devious and likely event, do it for me. Sadly, with him working and me... not working, I have to unpack everything myself. Darn it!

That brings us to what normally happens when I do finally get around to unpacking: it takes me forever because everything has to be perfect. I will stare at a shelf for an hour swapping photos and frame angles until I’m positive that every single item looks exactly as it should. Unfortunately, that means that most of our things are still sitting on tables, in boxes and strewn hither and thither throughout the apartment.

Meanwhile, Hubby has been stewing that I haven’t done a thing to clean up the (my) mess. Couldn't he see that I had been alphabetizing my trashy romances, arranging the cookbooks according to genre and selecting the perfect knickknack to anchor the shelf of diet cookbooks. (It turned out to be the hand carved mortar and pestle my brother gave me for Christmas a few years ago. Cooking... Diets... Mortar and Pestle... Perfect, huh?!) Besides, there was an all-new episode of "A-Team" on during lunch so I had to take a break to find out how Murdoch was going to irritate B.A. this week.

This brings us to my current problem: I still have so much junk to unpack!! *sob* I don’t have enough drawer space for my socks. Will Hubby notice if I dumped his t-shirts on the floor so that I can lay claim to that shelf for my own purposes? What photo should be put in the elephant dung frame? Does the china cabinet look too cluttered with its current arrangement of crystal?! There are simply too many issues to be dealt with and nobody saw fit to bequeath me with magical powers to do the work for me. (How rude!)

So if you've been thinking of flying in and paying us a visit you can either come in 2 years when I've finally put everything away. Or you can stop by in the next week or two and put it all away for me. =) See y'all soon!

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