Saturday, December 31, 2005

Shady’s Back!

Well we’re finally back from paradise on earth: AKA Mauritius. Hubby and I had a fabulous vacation and had serious thoughts about not coming back. But wanting to be paid, and the uncomfy bed at our hotel finally convinced us.

You all probably noticed that I didn’t update the blog while I out “Wandering the World” and I will only say that it’s not my fault. Hubby said that y’all would think I was a big loser if I posted while on my holidays. I pointed out that most of you already know that I’m a loser and it wouldn’t matter. But in the end, the fact that we left the laptop behind in Delhi (*gasp*) and the walk to the local Internet café won out and we didn’t blog.

I did; however, take notes! So be prepared over the next week or so to hear about Mauritius and Dubai. I’ve even twisted Hubby’s arm so that he’ll provide his own perspectives in a guest blog or two.

We missed you all! (Except you! You know who you are… Ok fine we missed you too!) And we’re kind of glad to be back in Delhi. I have to go and write the first installment so be prepared for lots of exclamation marks, way too many adjectives and very few references to anything that sounds like it happens in real life.

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