Saturday, January 07, 2006

I Am Not the Only Hater

Although there is more news from Mauritius yet to come, I thought I'd give you a brief break from travelling and blog about something we all know and love: my dislike of Becker!

I get a lot of flack from Hubby about the repeated haterations on Becker in this Blog. I actually watched an episode of this program once and can honestly say that if I never have to watch it again I’ll be a very happy Typ0. Our new habit when this horrible half hour of “New to Me” TV is on is to watch either South Park or Chappelle Show on DVD. It was while watching the former that I came to realize that I wasn’t alone: I was part of a community of Becker-Haters.

We were watching the “Future Self” episode from season 6 when the following exchange occurred on the show: (all dialogue copyrighted by South Park and courtesy of this page.)

Stan: Four months?? And you never told anybody that you were living with yourself in the future??
Butters: Nobody asked.
Stan: Where is he now?
Butters: Probably watching Becker.

[Butters' house, afternoon. A future Butters is watching TV and eating chips at the sofa]
Becker: My name is T. Becker. The T stands for Terrific. [laughs. Future Butters finds this quite funny. Stan and Butters enter the house to meet future Butters.]
Butters: See, here he is. Future Butters. Future self, this is my good friend.

See!! Much like Raymond, nobody likes or watches Becker… At least not willingly.

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