Monday, March 13, 2006

The Return of Slacker Girl

Ok, I admit it: I’m a giant slacker girl. I have not blogged or emailed anybody in months. Flog me, beat me, or, worse yet, deprive me of chocolate: it is nothing less than I deserve for ignoring you my wonderful friends, family and dedicated readers.

I could give you excuses like: I’m lazy, or I’ve been blah, or I finally found some semblance of a life. All of these excuses would be true to a point but taken together they’re closer to the truth than I’m likely to get in this venue.

So what’s been going on in my life? Well, I’m pregnant. No, no I’m not! Mum, please stop hyperventilating I’m kidding! I swear I would call you before I announced such a thing online... or at least SMS you.

The truth of the matter is that I have become a true Delhite in the last few months. I love Delhi and I love living here. I’ve been taking parts in tour groups, joining societies and getting myself voted onto the boards of organizations. And, of course, I’ve been practicing my favorite of all hobbies: doing lunch. We have really cool friends here and have been participating in sports (Ok, that one is Hubby not me), and going out to dinner and evening drinks (That one is me!) with alarming regularity. Lest my parents worry, we have also been eating-in more and rediscovered the joy of cooking.

Which, of course, brings us to the news many of you may know by now. We are moving again. In just a few months, our wandering will take us to Nairobi, Kenya for span of time I hope will exceed the brief flash we’ve spent here in Delhi. This move has made Hubby very happy. I just hope that will sustain him when I go into insane mode during the packing phase of our relocation. Muhahahaha!

You guys are probably wondering what this means for you. Well, strictly speaking nothing. I mean you’re not the ones who are actually moving. But in a deeper, sweeter manner of speaking it means that you can all plan to go on safari and visit us in Kenya.

I have also pledged to be a better Blogger Bitch while we get ready for the big day. Which means that you can look forward to lots of stories about traveling in India, the seedier sides of Delhi, how I broke my Lenten promise because I’m a lush but then re-promised something else only to tweak it again to make it easier, and even stories about how I can’t wear a Sari without supervision.

I sincerely hope that you will all forgive me for not blogging and, worse yet, not emailing those of you to whom I owe emails and letters. I am… I was a lazy slacker. But no more! I have turned over a new leaf and will heretofore be known as… well whatever the opposite of lazy slacker is. :D


Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Blogger... er... Biatch is back! :D

Anonymous said...

Yaaay! Great to see you back! I was just about to PM you from indiamike after innumerable trips to the blog in the past few weeks. Good thing I decided to check it out first. :D