Friday, June 30, 2006

At Least We Have Wine

We’ve now been in Nairobi just under a week… And what a week it has been! I’ve watched about a dozen DVDs (and *all* of the extras included on each disk), read a similar number of books and put a permanent dent in the shape of my butt on the world’s most uncomfortable chair. Yeah, what a thrilling week.

Here’s the problem, were to I admit there were such a thing: we have decent digs here on campus for our first two weeks here but have been granted no TV and Internet access that could be called spotty at best. For some of you highbrow Dedicated Reader types (all three of you), this may not be too big a deal. For the rest of us (those of us brave enough to admit to watching Law and Order, and the OC and getting our headline news from CNN, Pink the New Blog, and Yahoo News), and those of you who know my little, tiny TV addiction, well you can only guess my reaction to our current situation. TV in India may have been in Hindi half the time, and five years old the rest of the time, but at least it was there! *sob*

But, as I mentioned in the kickoff, I’ve been endeavoring to survive my current incarceration with a pouty, if stiff upper lip. The stack of DVDs and books that I bought before leaving the Real World that Hubby deemed as too many and a bit much of an expense have gone far toward keeping me on the happy side of sanity. (Or at least as sane as your favorite Typo can ever get!)

Stuck on Campus as we are has as been a boon as far as cooking goes: although there is a fairly good canteen that feeds us lunch, we’ve only visited once for dinner. Surprised? Hold on to your hats, mes amis, for I don’t even have any take out places programmed into phone yet. That’s right; we’ve been cooking dinner in our microwave-free kitchen almost every night. We even ate dinner at the dining room table a time or two.

I should point out, in the interest of fairness, that the Campus is actually quite pretty and Hubby and I have begun to take walks after lunch each afternoon. (Hey, even convicts get time in the yard for sunshine and exercise!) Although slightly chilly, the walks are pleasant enough. That said I’m looking forward to our furlough into town this weekend. The Company has been crazy enough… I mean, kind enough to loan us a car so we can go grocery shopping and whatnot over the weekend. Other weekend possibilities include pizza, All You Can Eat Meat, polo, and more books.

How thrilling a life we crazy expats lead, huh? Huzah!


Anonymous said...

You didn't mention how many bottles of wine you drank. We should have gone to the knitting store....
Good luck with accomodation hunting. Will they throw you off campus next week?
Island hopping up North this weekend.
Keep up the good work--sorry, I forget it isn't report time.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo News???!!! What's wrong with Google News?