Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Poor TomKat?

I’ve always held that this blog is not the place to blather on about my political or religious opinions. (Just pretend with me for a sec here, Ok? I’m going somewhere with this.)

Far be it from me to say one thing or another about celebr-entainment or religion and the bizarre line the two walk together from to time. That said, I can’t help by say bravo to the Catholic Church today.

"The BBC reported Monday that, while there has been speculation that Kidman got her first marriage annulled so that she and Keith Urban could say their "I do's" in a Catholic chapel, it turns out that, because she and Cruise swapped vows upon the altar that L. Ron Hubbard built, she wasn't legally married in the first place--as far as the Catholic Church is concerned, that is."

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