Friday, June 02, 2006

It's All About Food

I have some lists today for you contemplate – I certainly have been. Here’s the thing, you see, we’re leaving Delhi. We may come back but we’ll never again be locals and be privy to all the things that make Delhi unique; we won’t know why the Soup Nazi guy in Khan Market finally goes over the edge (although I have been trying to push him that way the last few weeks), we won’t know when new bars open, or when they go over to the dark side and become hangouts for local kids (RIP Aura). That said, we certainly won’t miss baking in 40C weather and being thankful that it isn’t hotter today, and we won’t miss our evil landlord and his nefarious machinations.

So rather than lists about what we’ll miss in Delhi and what we’re looking forward to Nairobi I’ve decided upon keeping the former for another day and swapping the latter out for something more fun. After all, I’ve spent the sum total of, like, 80 hours in Nairobi so I don’t know what I’ll enjoy there yet. So our list will reflect all the things I’m looking forward to during our ever so brief trip back home in the Real World.

Things to do in the Real World
  • Go to a restaurant and ask for a glass of tap water with ice!
  • Go to an Indian restaurant and call ahead to get a reservation for Hari Sadu.
  • Go Qdoba and order a Pablano Pesto Burrito with a side of chips and queso.
  • Go to Guidos in Urbana and have several Mandarin Martinis and an order of their awesome nachos with chicken. (And hell no I am NOT sharing!)
  • Buy lots of trashy romances including the new ones from Lynn Kurland, Celeste Bradely, and Sherrilyn Kenyon.
  • Buy lots of DVDs to take back with us including Justice League, Xmen Evolution and about 3 dozen others!
  • Have a Big Mac, Whopper, chicken from KFC, ¼ chicken dinner with extra Chalet sauce at Swiss Chalet… Who are we kidding there will be a lot of fast food eating!
  • Eating Zesty Doritos!!
  • Heading back to Qdoba for an order of shredded beef nachos.
  • Eating salad that hasn’t soaked in pool water for a half hour.
  • Cooking without having to soak and rinse everything first.
  • A salad and sandwich at Panera are a must have for lunch one day.
  • Did someone say Tobin’s pizza with BBQ sauce?!
  • Staying with parents and enjoying a home cooked meal. (Bacon, cabbage and parsley sauce, or maybe roast beef with Yorkshire pudding, roast potatoes, peas, carrots and cauliflower with cheese sauce!)
Is anyone else noticing that most of this list is made up of food? Dang, no wonder I’m so fat! Hehehe I can’t wait to get home and eat – and if that doesn’t tell you all you need to know about your favorite Delhi (soon to be Nairobi) Typo I don’t know what will!

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