Thursday, June 01, 2006

The Weirdness Continues

I’d thought I’d share a few random stories with you before we hit the Delhi road…

Remember that hot water heater that my landlord took five months to fix? You’ll be glad to hear, no doubt, that they eventually fixed it and gave us the glory that is more than two minutes of hot water. Of course, they performed this miracle just in time for heat wave that is summer in Delhi. Allow me to explain – the easiest way to get hot water here is to turn on the COLD tap. Yes, you that correctly: I said cold tap. Basically the sun heats up the water tanks so damn well that we get wickedly hot water courtesy of Mother Nature. Needless to say, Hubby and I turned off the hot water heaters ages ago. Besides which, in this heat, cool showers are best anyways!

Still not sure what I’m talking about? Ok, I have one more example for you loyal but still doubting readers. Have you ever put your hand on the water tank of your toilet? I’m serious here, so bear with me please. The tank should be cold or at least cool to the touch since it fills with regular water. If you don’t believe me, run on into your washroom and check then get back to the blog. *waiting* *waiting* Ok, now you see, if you had touched the tank on one of our toilets you probably would have been shocked as they are quite literally warm, if not, hot to the touch. Dang freakish Delhi heat.

We’re talking about heat that melts once frozen chocolate in a matter of minutes. Heat that makes the brief walk from your front door to the car seem like a mile as the sweat drips down the backs of your legs. Last month, days when the thermometer went over 40C far, far outnumbered those when it was in the seemingly blissful cool of the 30s. Even shopping trips got cancelled in favour of spending time sitting and doing nothing beneath the cooling arms of the fan.

I promise that I’ll blog more in the next few weeks. After all I still have to share with you why our Landlord is evil, how Brett Ratner ruined X-men 3 (and my perfect plan to fix it in X4), all the things we’re looking forward to back the in the Real World, and all the things we’re going to miss about wonderful Delhi. Plus, as a bonus, we have news about more upcoming traveling and World Wandering Blogs! See ya soon!

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Anonymous said...

As you travel further north, the water gets colder......