Wednesday, June 07, 2006

Tick Tock

As I write this my time in Delhi has been reduced to mere hours. Despite the fact that we have known for months that this moment was coming, it has, for me, only just begun to sink in.

I have already closed the door for the final time on my empty apartment. I have hugged friends knowing that beyond email and the pages of this blog I may not ever see them again. I have driven down roads with the knowledge that the next time I do so, it will be as a visitor not as a Delhiite. Delhi will likely never again be home.

And I’m kind of bummed out about that.

Yeah, Delhi had… has a lot of problems, but it was still my home for the last year. It’s like when you insult your brother to a friend and they agree. Well, etiquette demands that you smack your friend around since only you can dis your brother. I rather feel that way about Delhi.

The problems with this place abound and new ones crop up on a weekly basis. (Yes, Hubby would say daily, but I’m in a mood to defend my brother, Delhi.) But no matter what India threw at us; from evil, Satan-esque landlords, to water delivery guys who refused to show up without 7 days notice, we overcame. We conquered the Rubik’s Cube of Delhi. Don’t get me wrong, we didn’t get all six sides, but we at least matched up two or three of them.

When we get on that plane in a few days, I will probably sniff back a tear or two. My friends at the Network and the Organization and elsewhere will likely continue their lives with little or no disruption. (That my dearest Readers and Friends was your cue to point out that you will all be crying yourselves to sleep due to my absence.) But the changes and impressions they made in my life will never be forgotten.

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Anonymous said...

As you have so aptly named your blog, you are off to Wander the World again. 3 years really flies or was it only 12 months! Hopefully you'll be back but perhaps the f, f and a will be in Nairobi to visit instead.